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Hoka Hey Album Cover

“Hoka Hey”

1. Hoka Hey
2. Princess of Sin
3. Crossroads of Desire
4. Heart Motor
5. Reset My Heart
6. Whatever You Like
7. Move
8. Break Out
9. Crossroads of Desire (Dirt Road Version)

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Monster Ep Album Art

“Monster EP”

1. We’ve Created A Monster
2. On The Run
3. Dance Around
4. Your Girlfriend’s A Witch

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Games We Play Album Art“Games We Play”

1. Anybody Home
2. Cut The Small Talk
3. The Looks She’s Giving You
4. How Did It Come to This
5. Fame Train
6. A Thousand and One Times
7. Love Struck Tragedy
8. Balloon
9. Spanish
10. Games We Play
11. Mr. Nobody
12. Trejo Show
13. Don’t Let the Days Go By
14. I Do

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Pretty Good Album Art“Pretty Good”

1. Charismatic
2. Cosmic
3. Middle Man
4. Counting Down The Days
5. Jungle Funk
6. High Five
7. Pulse
8. Three Month Soiree
9. Inside Your Head
10. Bland Rapids

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